The Museum of Smart & Smarter

Oppenheimer Funds | ETF Conference

The Museum of Smart and Smarter was a fun and engaging experience created for Oppenheimer Funds for the 2019 ETF Conference, created to stand out from the other Investment management companies.
The Museum showcased innovations in financial products and ways to invest with over-sized interactive touch-screen walls with framed digital video art.
Outdated Smart innovations in finance were compared to Smarter modern-day financial products with the flip of a screen. This could be initiated by a user visiting the booth and rotated independently on screen as well. 
The Smart screen showed black and white images that represented major historical moments and trends in investing and finance. The Smarter screen showed how Oppenheimer Funds’ financial products improve upon the original investing trends and ideas. Abstract videos represented the modern day innovations and were visually entertaining and subtle in movement so the visitor could concentrate on the information about the products. The main goal was to get the attendee to interact with the booth and be taken through investing strategies by a financial advisor.

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