Turning complexity into clarity: An easy to understand resource on gene therapy research
With thousands of gene therapy clinical trials completed or underway, there's a real potential to impact people living with genetic conditions. filled the distinct void of lack of information about gene therapy research and education. It provides resources and education on the topic in an approachable and friendly way, and the opportunity to keep learning through the "Gene Therapy Learning Academy” 
Social Media
How do you tap into social media to explain the complicated world of gene therapy research in a clear and simple way for the community?
Introduce our in-house expert and iconic character, Victor the Vector to help transport information and drive more traffic to Through bite-sized videos and GIFs, our posts were strategically positioned to drive response and engagement.
The Mutation POP Game+
Conference Booth

An educational tool to teach attendees about Gene Therapy for Hemophilia. We created a conference booth and game at the NHF conference in 2022.
Players had to identify and POP genetic mutations:
1. Change in a single nucleotide base
2. Repeated DNA sequence
3. Added DNA where it doesn’t belong
4. Missing pieces of DNA
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